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Harry Rickards
Harry Rickards - 30.7 knots.

Littleton Speed Challenge

We are keeping an informal record of maximum speeds reached by various classes of dinghy and windsurfers at Littleton. Each dinghy class will be recorded separately.

All you need to take part is a hand-held GPS (or a GPS equiped phone) which records maximum speeds. To be accepted as a verified entry you will need someone to see the display on the GPS - this can be your crew or someone on shore. Be careful to check what units the GPS is using and make sure you zero the maximum speed memory before going out. Most hand-held GPSs will record maximum speed. Most are water-resistant but to be safe you might want to put it in a waterproof bag (the ones for the radios would do).

It really was 30.7 knots!.
Phones with GPS will also probably do the job but you may need to download an ap that displays maximum speed. (If you make this work please email David Brassington with the details so they can be put here to help others.)

If you have a record you achieved in the past these are valid. If you didn't have a witness you can still submit it but it will be tagged as unverified.

Submit your speed

Tim O'Toole
Tim O'Toole - 21.3 knots.
To submit a speed click here.

List of recorded speeds

This list is generated directly from the database so any submissions should appear here immediately.

Dinghy Speeds

Name Crew Date Speed (knots) Class Wind Conditions Comment  
David BrassingtonMalcolm Underwood19/05/201114.2Laser 200015 mph gusting 32 mph  We got a big gust and stayed in it. More
David BrassingtonMalcolm Underwood26/08/200912.6RS VisionNo measurement at Littleton but lots of white caps. 28 knots at Queen Mary.  Survival conditions. The main problem was getting back upwind with just the jib sheeted in. More
Mike DrayDebbie Robertshaw14/07/20118.7RS200 sail number 792F2. Light winds  Not bad considering the conditions... More
David BrassingtonMalcolm Underwood6/9/201114.7Laser 200017 mph gusting 30 mph SW graph   More
Simon Derham 10/09/201111.0LaserSW F2/3 with gusts of F5. Indeed a gust of 28mph was noticed on club display at approx 15:20 graph  Sailing on a broad reach in race 3 of the Summer Club Regatta More
Tim O'Toole 23/10/201116.9Foiling Moth10 mph gusting 20 mph Southerly graph  Marginal foiling conditions. More
David BrassingtonMalcolm Underwood22/01/201210.647018 mph gusting 30 mph NW graph  2 sail reach More
Tim O'Toole 18/02/201221.3Foiling Moth15 mph gusting 25 mph W graph   More
Dan GoodmanJulie Harrison18/02/201214.6RS20015mph gusting over 30mph from the SW graph   More
Simon Derham 22/01/201212.8Laser18 mph gusting 35 mph NW graph  It was a very gusty day - broad reach in the direction of 6 from 10 More
Trevor RawlinsTim O'Toole29/04/201217.6RS20025 gusting 36 mph NE graph   More
Simon Derham 10/05/201211.4LaserSW F3/4 with Gusts 25knots graph  Very powerful gust with most sailors capsizing. One laser broke their mast (top section) coming out of a gybe. More
Debbie Robertshaw 25/09/201213.8Laser RadialWSW Approx 27mph graph  Small white horses at the top of the lake. Intermittently sunny with huge black clouds passing over. Gusty. Exciting More
Debbie Robertshaw 15/05/201213.1Laser RadialGenerally F3-4. Very gusty- possibly gusting 5-6 graph  Storm and hailstones, thunder - blew through with BIG gusts More
David BrassingtonDebbie Robertshaw16/10/201214.8Laser 2000West 13 mph gusting 30 mph graph  Got one big gust. A big bear away and off we went! More
Debbie Robertshaw 29/12/201214.3Laser RadialVERY gusty up to 40 + mph. Direction ssw graph  Great fun! More
Debbie Robertshaw 15/06/201315.2Laser RadialForce 4 VERY Gusty. South westerly. Gusting 37mph graph  Fab! A sustained reach. Felt good More
Samuel MaycockTom Callan21/12/201313.1RS 40020 knots, gusting 30 Knots graph   More
Dan GoodmanDebbie Robertshaw10/05/201418.4RS200Gusting 40mph graph   More
Marco RepettoGianmario Cutroneo19/04/201814.6Laser 2000NE f5, gust f6. Sea f0/f1 graph  Ideal conditions, wind almost stable in direction and intensity. Following your page & site from Sardegna, Italy. Greetings!!!! More

Windsurfing Speeds

Name Date Speed (knots) Type of board Sail size and model Wind Conditions Comment
Ken Thorn6/9/201117.5Fanatic Shark 160Aerotec 6.5 m17 mph gusting 30 mph SW graph   More
Clive Cherry6/9/201122.0Fanatic Eray 150 Vol 138 lTushingham Thunderbird 6.0 m17 mph gusting 30 mph SW graph   More
Clive Cherry12/09/201122.0Fanatic Eagle 115Tushingham Thunderbird 6.015 mph gusting 30 mph SW graph   More
Clive Cherry15/04/201223.5Fanatic E Ray 130 l8 mtr tushingham T-bird10 to 31 MPH gusts graph   More
Simon Derham15/04/201220.2Bic Techno II - 148 litres9m2 with 2 camber inducersNE F3/4 with regular gusts graph   More
Simon Derham26/05/201225.0Bic Techno II - 1486 m2Brilliant sunshine - 26C - and terrific Easterly F5 with lots of sustained gusts graph   I had lots of runs at 26+mph, and in the fast one went lower than normal and aimed for the slighly flatter water beyond buoy 10. More
Clive Cherry16/06/201225.5Fanatic E Ray 135ltr7 meter Tushingham Thunderbird. really gusty, I mean really gusty. graph   Massively over powered More
Harry Rickards16/06/201230.7Thommen X95 95 litres5.3m Naish session20 gusting 30-40 graph   Huge gust. Bore away and spotted some flat water. More
Clive Cherry29/06/201228.0Fanatic E Ray 135Tushingham Thunderbird III 7mtr23 to 33 mph gusts graph   For once, I had the right kit for the conditions!! More
clive cherry05/12/201528.6Rrd 135 ltr6 meter tushingham t birdmanic graph   was not really in control!!! More
clive cherry05/12/201528.6Rrd 135 ltr6 meter tushingham t birdmanic graph   was not really in control!!! More
clive cherry25/03/201729.8RRD 135ltTushingham thunderbird 6mtr25 to 35 MPH Easterly graph   Had the whole lake to myself!!! More