RYA Seamanship Skills Course

2019 Course Dates

4/5 May
Cost: £60

The 2 day RYA Seamanship Skills Course is a natural follow on from the Level 3 course, but is also suitable for anyone with Level 2 and a season’s sailing (or is of an equivalent standard). The course expands on some of techniques learned in a Level 3 course such as rudderless sailing, sailing backwards, and heaving to, and adds such techniques as sailing without a centreboard, anchoring, reefing afloat and being towed. It also covers various methods of launching and recovery. The classroom sessions include ropework and meteorology. The course will be given mainly in our RS Vision dinghies.

You must first join the club to take part in a course, view joining information … though the combined cost of membership plus the course fee is cheaper than most commercially available courses. Although each course is intended to be self-contained, if you are unable to make the second weekend of a course there is an option to defer that to one of the subsequent courses (subject to availability).

Contact our Training Principal, Ian Sandell