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[htm] Allen Vase Trophy September 2016.htm 14.8 KB 2016-Sep-18
[htm] Brass Monkey Feb 2016.htm 13.4 KB 2016-Feb-19
[htm] Club Regatta August 2016.htm 10.3 KB 2016-Aug-26
[htm] EWS Saturday 1100 Solo 2016.htm 19.0 KB 2017-Feb-24
[htm] EWS Saturday 1105 GH 2016.htm 27.1 KB 2017-Feb-24
[htm] EWS Saturday 1245 GH 2016.htm 43.7 KB 2017-Feb-24
[htm] EWS Saturday 1400 PH 2016.htm 20.2 KB 2016-Dec-18
[htm] Icicle Trophy Jan 2016.htm 13.0 KB 2016-Jan-07
[htm] Laser Open 16th April 2016.htm 2.0 KB 2016-Jun-03
[htm] Laser Radial Open Meeting 16th April 2016.htm 2.0 KB 2016-Jun-03
[htm] Late Winter Series GH 1105 2016.htm 17.5 KB 2016-Mar-27
[htm] Late Winter Series GH 1245 2016.htm 21.9 KB 2016-Mar-27
[htm] Late Winter Series Solo 1100 2016.htm 17.3 KB 2016-Mar-27
[htm] Littleton Burgee 2016.htm 34.3 KB 2016-Mar-07
[htm] Littleton Comet Open 11th September 2016.htm 20.6 KB 2016-Sep-12
[htm] Littleton Solo Open 2016.htm 7.7 KB 2016-Apr-03
[htm] MSS2016 Sunday 1100 Solo.htm 19.6 KB 2016-Aug-01
[htm] MSS Saturday 1100 GH 2016.htm 39.8 KB 2016-Sep-04
[htm] MSS Saturday 1300 GH 2016.htm 40.3 KB 2016-Sep-04
[htm] MSS Saturday 1430 PH 2016.htm 35.4 KB 2016-Sep-04
[htm] MSS Sunday 1105 GH 2016.htm 6.6 KB 2016-May-08
[htm] MSS Sunday 1300 GH 2016.htm 21.6 KB 2016-Aug-01
[htm] Pepper Pursuit May 2016.htm 7.1 KB 2016-May-08
[htm] Pioneer Cup 1st October 16.htm 16.1 KB 2016-Oct-05
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