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Harry Rickards
Harry Rickards - 30.7 knots.

Littleton Speed Challenge

We are keeping an informal record of maximum speeds reached by various classes of dinghy and windsurfers at Littleton. Each dinghy class will be recorded separately.

All you need to take part is a hand-held GPS (or a GPS equiped phone) which records maximum speeds. To be accepted as a verified entry you will need someone to see the display on the GPS - this can be your crew or someone on shore. Be careful to check what units the GPS is using and make sure you zero the maximum speed memory before going out. Most hand-held GPSs will record maximum speed. Most are water-resistant but to be safe you might want to put it in a waterproof bag (the ones for the radios would do).

It really was 30.7 knots!.
Phones with GPS will also probably do the job but you may need to download an ap that displays maximum speed. (If you make this work please email David Brassington with the details so they can be put here to help others.)

If you have a record you achieved in the past these are valid. If you didn't have a witness you can still submit it but it will be tagged as unverified.

Submit your speed

Tim O'Toole
Tim O'Toole - 21.3 knots.
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List of recorded speeds

This list is generated directly from the database so any submissions should appear here immediately.

Dinghy Speeds

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