How to join in

There is a shared fleet hire fee of £65 to cover boat maintenance for the May to October season (reduction for additional siblings). 

If you are already a Littleton SC member, you can join the group by requesting membership of Littleton_SC on Team App (available on the App Store or Google Play), and add full child details including medical, GP contact and a photo.

Non-members can find out more about Littleton membership on our Joining pages, or contact the Juniors’ Sailing Group Leader.

Yes, Juniors’ Sailing Group and Youth activities are for Littleton Club members, and registered children. 

All participants must be Littleton Club members, please see information about membership here.

Those participating in Junior Sailing Group contribute towards upkeep of our fleet of Dinghies through a rental. 

£75 for the first child, £60 for first sibling, £60 for second sibling.

Youth members who become RYA Assistant Instructors and assist Juniors group, and adults do not pay.

Away events or class specific regattas will have separate costs.

6 years – 18 years: Juniors’ Sailing Group is a parent supervised activity. Children can be taken sailing at any age, but for the Juniors’ group we would look for confidence in the water (with a buoyancy aid), and enjoyment in new experiences. 

We would suggest this would be at least 6 years of age.

RYA Youth Courses are open for those 8 years and above. Adult RYA courses are open to those 16 years and above.

Children under 16 must always be supervised by a responsible adult when at the club.

Juniors’ Sailing Group is for children and their parent or guardian. Children under 16 must always be supervised by a responsible adult when at the club.

As children become more independent or confident, the parent may well assist or lead other aspects of Juniors’, but always be available for signing in, and signing out at the Youth Hut. 

No, scheduling family life needs flexibility. Juniors’ Sailing is organised to be flexible, working around those sailing each week, the weather and parent leaders. You must let us know by the Thursday of each week if you are, or are not coming on the Aaturday.

Participating in RYA courses or the Youth Squad is a commitment, and will require commitment to the scheduled dates. 

We operate a club wide safeguarding policy, with an identified lead to whom all and any concerns can be raised. 

Key leaders and Senior Instructors have DBS clearance, as do the parents and volunteers that accompany our groups overnight at away regattas.

At Junior Sailing Group, a parent or guardian must participate in the sessions, and be available should their child need to come off the water, or need specific attention. 

Changing and showering is always under the parents supervision.

For RYA courses, we work within RYA arrangements for supervising children, and the supervising Senior Instructor will have DBS clearances

Sailing is a sport with participation by all genders, ages and abilities. If physical mobility is of concern, we have access to specific dinghies and hoists to support most needs. 

Our changing facilities and the training room are at ground level, with stairs up to the Galley and lounge. We do not currently have a lift facility to the first floor.

Do speak to us to get you into sailing.