New! – Personal Handicap Pursuit Racing

6th April sees the first of our personal handicap pursuit races. Handicaps and a guide for competitors will be placed on the desk in the foyer as soon as possible after the new PY numbers are released by the RYA. The boat class start numbers for the 14:00 Personal Handicap Pursuit race will differ from the numbers used for the Twilight pursuit because the race is a slightly different length and because the Twilight starts 15 minutes past the hour. To obtain your start time you take your boat class start time and add your new personal handicap to that number. That gives your start time in minutes. When the 5-4-1-0 race start sequence is completed, 00 will be displayed and the numbers will count up every minute. You start when your number is displayed and the hooter sounds. Note that a negative start time means that you will be starting during the start sequence (before the 00 is displayed). Personal handicaps will be adjusted every week, so you need to check your start time every race.

Racing should be very close and everyone should have a chance to win!

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