Littleton Sailing Club Regatta 29 August

We look forward to welcoming members to the Littleton Sailing Club Regatta, which will be held on Saturday 29th August. 

There will be three races across the day, with the first race at 11:00am.

General cruising is welcome all day.

The galley will be open from 10am to 4pm (weather permitting):

  • Food must be pre-ordered and paid for prior to going out on the water.
  • Tea/coffee and soft drinks will be available throughout the day.
  • Card and contactless payments only, no cash and no tabs.
  • Please socially distance and use the one-way system: go up the fire escape by the workshop along the balcony, preorder you food and exit via the kitchen fire escape. 

Galley re-opens from 27th June for takeaway food and drinks

The Galley Re-opens this Sat 27th and Sun 28th June – takeaway service only, following government guidelines.

A one way system will be implemented, you will need to go up the far end fire escape and along the balcony to the double doors (Galley End). Order you food and exit down the fire escape by the kitchen. Social distancing markers have been set out.

Roxy will be offering a Meal Deal lunch only over the next few weeks, this will include a choice of sandwich, crisps or chocolate bar and a soft drink for £4.00. This MUST be pre-ordered and paid for prior to going out on the water. There will be card and contactless payments only, no cash.

Tea/coffee and soft drinks will be available throughout the day, again card/contactless payment only. There will be no tabs.

This is a new and temporary system (hopefully not for too long) and your support and patience will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Mel & Social Teamr

OD, Safety Boat & Loos Open at Weekends

We will now have both Officer of the Day (OD) and Safety Boat (SB) at the weekend together with opening of the club house loos, but not the changing rooms. The upper level of the clubhouse remains out of bounds. For detailed information, please see the Current Sailing Activities page.

LSC Facilities as of 16th July 2020

All aspects are subject to change. Please check the e-bulletin for updates.
Littleton Sailing Club OPEN
Sailing and services modified according to Government guidelines
Summer racing OPEN2 back to back races at weekends with safety boat cover, 1st race at 11:00
Twilight racing OPEN2 or more short races (wind dependent) Thursday evenings with safety boat cover, first race at 18:30
Cruising OPENBuddy sailing only
Full duty team YESModified responsibilities
Safety boat MODIFIEDWeekends and Thursday evenings only with priority on sailor safety, boat recoveries limited.
Boat hire OPEN
Cleaning required before and after sailing
Toilets OPENOne in, one out. Occupancy marked by cones.
Galley catering OPENLimited, pre-booked sandwiches and card payment only
Changing rooms CLOSED
Juniors' Sailing Group CLOSEDBuddy sailing only, dinghy hire available for Youth helms with RYA Stage 3 or above

Dinghy hire now available

A selection of club dinghies are available to hire again for helms with RYA Level 1&2 or equivalent experience. This includes the club’s Lasers, Solo, Comet and one Vision for hire (only members of the same household can sail together in the Vision).

There are 3 Fevas and 3 Picos available for Youth helms with RYA Stage 3 or above.
At the end of each session please wash the boat down with soapy water. We have left buckets, brushes and washing liquid around the slip ways so please do this at the end of the day.

Weekday hire is possible but restricted on the wind strength so please do not be disappointed if your booking is not confirmed. 

For more information and instruction on how to book, please see our boat hire page.

Littleton Sailing Club to reopen for ‘Buddy Sailing’

UPDATED 16TH JUNE 2020 This information is now out of date, please refer to the Current Sailing Activities page.

Important Announcement

The easing of Coronavirus lock-down restrictions from Wednesday 13 May signals the first phase of the re-opening of Littleton Sailing Club. The Management Team have decided to allow limited sailing activities to take place with immediate effect, which comply with all Government Guidelines and Legislation. The clubhouse (and all other buildings / stores) will remain locked with the exception of the outside toilet and there will be no duty team or safety boat cover.

Permitted Sailing (including windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding):

The key points from the most recent Government Guidelines are that “unlimited” out-door exercise is to be encouraged and that we are permitted to travel to that place of exercise. This means that the lake is available for you to sail on and at Littleton we have always allowed sailing outside of our regular club hours, i.e. when there is no safety boat cover. Although not an official title, we generally refer to this as ‘Buddy Sailing’ and it is described in our Standing Orders as follows:

Sailing outside Opening Times
Members who wish to sail at the Club when there is no advertised sailing/racing programme (i.e. no safety boat is operating) may do so entirely at their own risk provided they arrange for some other person to be available on shore (and another craft available on the water) who can provide assistance should the Member get into difficulties.

The Government Guidelines for England are now that you can:

  • ‘meet one other person from a different household outdoors – following social distancing guidelines
  • exercise outdoors as often as you wish – following social distancing guidelines
  • use outdoor sports courts or facilities, such as a tennis or basketball court, or golf course – with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart’

As before you cannot

  • ‘gather in a group of more than two (excluding members of your own household)’

This allows multiple people from the same household to sail one or more boats. This also provides the necessary scope for members to make arrangements to buddy one other sailor from outside your household. You cannot volunteer to buddy for a whole group and the club WhatsApp group is not to be used to offer your services.

If the buddy is a non-sailor or just not sailing that day, then the club has made available the rowing boat (with boarding ladder) which will be stored near the slip on a trailer to provide some self-safety covers. This satisfies the club requirement for having “another craft available on the water”. The oars will be stored in the outside toilet and the first to arrive should collect the oars and launch the boat. Similarly, the last to leave should put the boat and oars away.

Additional Precautions / Rules:

The risk of Coronavirus is reducing but a significant risk remains particularly via transmission to vulnerable people (principally older people and those with pre-existing conditions). All members wishing to come to the club must follow all Government guidance and observe the following rules when at the club:

  • Sail well within your ability and that of your buddy or family member who is your rescue. Careful consideration is needed for sailing above wind force 4(>18 mph) or wind force 3 (>12 mph) for less experienced sailors. No buddy sailing in severe wind and weather conditions as no rescue boat is available.
  • If you are symptomatic or have been in contact with others that require you to self-isolate , you cannot come to the club;
  • Those who have been declared vulnerable and advised to self-isolate should continue to do so;
  • Observe Social Distancing at all times (i.e. the 2m rule), avoid touching shared surfaces and where possible wipe clean shared surfaces you have touched;
  • The clubhouse is to remain locked. Keyholders are asked not to open the clubhouse or any other building or store;
  • You should either come to the club already wearing your sailing gear or change in the car park;
  • Please ensure you have a charged mobile phone for emergencies onshore or ideally with you whilst sailing.
  • You must sail within sight of the of the clubhouse and avoid blind spots e.g. avoid the dive area by mark 3
  • The outdoor toilet will be left unlocked. Please wipe down surfaces after use with the cleaning materials provided;
  • The club safety boats are not to be used (all engines helpfully removed!);
  • A selection of club dinghies are available to hire, please see the boat hire page for more information.
  • Two-handed boats can only be sailed by those from the same household.

Social Distancing vs Rescuing Someone:

This has been discussed and all options considered so it is worthy of an explanation. The vast majority of rescues do not require bodily contact. In most cases, all that is needed is assistance in righting a capsized boat or steadying a boat whilst a sailor gets back on board, maybe followed by a tow back to the clubhouse. If a sailor needs to be recovered from the water they will often be able to do this unassisted. Climbing onto their own boat, if lower in the water, and then the “rescuer’s” boat (particularly if this is the rowing dinghy) is often the easiest way.

If a person becomes entrapped or is unable to help himself or herself, e.g. unconscious, then immediate assistance is required, possibly including first aid and the risk of harm from the situation far outweighs the risk of contamination from the Coronavirus.

The same would apply were you cycling, playing tennis or driving to the supermarket and witnessed an accident or someone taken seriously ill. Common sense needs to prevail and hopefully it goes without saying that anyone nearby and able to offer assistance without putting themselves at undue risk should do so, whether they are the official buddy or not. The risk is reduced by short duration of close contact and being outside.

Please Enjoy Yourselves Safely:

To end on a positive note, we hope that you will be able to take advantage of the ability to start sailing again. It will be a long time before things return to normal and many annual events have already been cancelled. However, so long as people work within the rules set out above we hope to see more of you on the water shortly.

A separate note will be issued to confirm the reinstatement of the 2020 invoices with deductions for the lock-down period as previously described. We ask that all those intending to sail, please pay their 2020 membership fees to ensure that they are covered by the club’s insurance. To those of you who have already paid, we are grateful. This year is going to be financially challenging for the club having missed our usual open day with its intake of new members and the RYA training courses that also bring new people to the club.

Rear Commodore (Sailing) & the Management Committee

eSailing Update

Our inaugural eSailing race series are now complete. A total of 14 competitors took part in all, including 3 ‘guest sailors’. A number of other club members have also created accounts on eSailing but have not participated in our racing to date. With the guest sailors not being eligible for placings in club series, the winner of the 2020 Spring Star Series was Stuart Thomson and the winner of the RYA Club Championship was Jonathan Jowett. Jonathan now goes on to represent the club in the Regional Club Championship event being run by the RYA. Congratulations to both series winners!

Full results available here:
Star series
RYA club championship series

It’s not too late to join in though. For Saturdays only during the month of May (or until we are allowed to sail for real if that happens earlier) we will be running another series. The series will be called the 2020 VR Lucky Dip Spring Series and will take place in a variety of different boats.

The schedule will be:

Sat 9th May 11:00 (races 1-5)

Sat 16th May 11:00 (races 6-10)

Sat 23rd May 11:00 (races 11-15)

Sat 30th May 11:00 (races 16-20)

An audio link will be made available each week via the Littleton Whatsapp group. Instructions for joining in are also in the latest Littleton Scene.

Join Our eSailing Race Series

Last weekend we started our on-line club eSailing race series, in which any club member is welcome to join or spectate.
The racing takes place on Virtual Regatta, with class races of up to 20 competitors each of around 5 minutes duration. Participation is easy via desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Race rules are automatically applied, (with your boat slowed for 10 seconds for any infringement), and so this a great way to try out different tactical approaches for your starts, and each leg of the race.
For Littleton sailors new to VR, Andrew Selves has recorded a short video of a race with commentary to give a flavour of how it works. Coaching videos for eSailing are also being added by the RYA, with the first covering upwind sailing.
Race information and links are shared via our club WhatsApp ‘Littleton Sailing’ group.
Details for the RYA Championship event can be found on the RYA eSailing Webpage.
For detailed rules, please see the following PDF: Virtual Racing Rules of Sailing.

Dates of the rounds

Round 1 – 12th April (One Dayboat Racer course plus 3  Star class races )
Round 2 – 18th April
Round 3 – 19th April
Round 4 – 25th April
Round 5 – 26th April
By 3rd May we are looking to select a representative from our club to compete in the first RYA eSailing Spring Club Championship, a national championship taking place on 30th May.

The club is closed until further notice

UPDATED 16TH JUNE 2020 This information is now out of date, please refer to the Current Sailing Activities page.
Coronavirus (Covid19) Sailing Update (25 March)
All sailing activities have ceased at Littleton until further notice and the clubhouse will remain locked. This is to enable us to comply with the government’s rules on limiting social contact and reducing the spread of the virus. The RYA have made it clear that their recommendation is the same for all Registered Training Centres and we are applying the same logic across all sailing activities including “buddy sailing”, so what ever your personal views on the rights and wrongs of the situation we ask that you do not take your boats out on the water however tempting it might be.
The clubhouse will remain locked during this time, but if you do feel you need to visit the club to check up on your boat the outside toilet will remain available. Please keep it clean. Most importantly, if there are others at the club please respect their right to maintain a safe distance, i.e. the 2m social distancing rule. 
For those with access to keys, please do not unlock the clubhouse as we need to be extra vigilant with regards to security at this time. You may also have heard about the recent spate of break-ins, the latest of which resulted in all four of our safety boats having the engines stolen or damaged. The police have been notified and have all the details. We are looking to improve security and there will be occasional visits to make sure that all is well. 
These are tough times for us all and will also present challenges for the club. However, as much as we might like to we can’t say that sailing is essential but it will be all the sweeter when we do get back on the water again. Meanwhile, we are looking at other ways to keep up your sailing skills such as hosting an online virtual sailing regatta. Hopefully more on that later.
We will keep you informed of any changes, but do not expect these to be soon. If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact me or one of the other committee members. I can also recommend the Littleton Sailing WhatsApp group as a way to stay in touch with sailing friends. Text me you phone number if you need to be added.
Thank you
Alan Povey
Rear Commodore (Sailing)