New! – Personal Handicap Pursuit Racing

6th April sees the first of our personal handicap pursuit races. Handicaps and a guide for competitors will be placed on the desk in the foyer as soon as possible after the new PY numbers are released by the RYA. The boat class start numbers for the 14:00 Personal Handicap Pursuit race will differ from the numbers used for the Twilight pursuit because the race is a slightly different length and because the Twilight starts 15 minutes past the hour. To obtain your start time you take your boat class start time and add your new personal handicap to that number. That gives your start time in minutes. When the 5-4-1-0 race start sequence is completed, 00 will be displayed and the numbers will count up every minute. You start when your number is displayed and the hooter sounds. Note that a negative start time means that you will be starting during the start sequence (before the 00 is displayed). Personal handicaps will be adjusted every week, so you need to check your start time every race.

Racing should be very close and everyone should have a chance to win!

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Moonlight Race – 2nd September

Our annual Moonlight Race and BBQ attracted 15 entries in all this year, including a number of our junior sailors.

The evening began with a BYO barbecue cooked on our newly purchased BBQ. Thanks to Rear Commodore, Andy Bennett and also Ed Pepper for assembling the BBQ just in time for the hungry hoards to descend upon it!

Race Officer Jon Jowett then briefed competitors on the modified start procedure using coloured lights in place of flags and handed out mini mars bar and milky way snacks to all those competing.

With only a light breeze at the start, competitors made a great sight for all the bar spectators, with various fairy lights being sported on rigs, making the job of choosing the best lit boat quite a task.

Unfortunately the wind completely died part way through the race but every competitor was given a finish using the number of laps they had achieved during the time allocated.

Congratulations to Tim Hore on winning the race and also to Brian Hennessey for winning the best lit boat with his spectacular ‘disco light’.

View the race results …
View some images from the evening …

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Summer Series Sailing from Sat 7 April

The Main Summer Series start on Saturday 7th April.

Regular start times are:
Saturdays – 11:00 General Handicap, 12:45 General Handicap, 14:00 Personal Handicap
Sundays – 10:30 General Handicap, 11:30 General Handicap

Our popular Thursday Evening Twilight Series starts on Thursday 3rd May with a General Handicap race. The following week will be a Pursuit Race with this alternating race format continuing over the duration of the series. After sailing there will be hot food and the bar will be open.

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