The club is closed until further notice

UPDATED 16TH JUNE 2020 This information is now out of date, please refer to the Current Sailing Activities page.
Coronavirus (Covid19) Sailing Update (25 March)
All sailing activities have ceased at Littleton until further notice and the clubhouse will remain locked. This is to enable us to comply with the government’s rules on limiting social contact and reducing the spread of the virus. The RYA have made it clear that their recommendation is the same for all Registered Training Centres and we are applying the same logic across all sailing activities including “buddy sailing”, so what ever your personal views on the rights and wrongs of the situation we ask that you do not take your boats out on the water however tempting it might be.
The clubhouse will remain locked during this time, but if you do feel you need to visit the club to check up on your boat the outside toilet will remain available. Please keep it clean. Most importantly, if there are others at the club please respect their right to maintain a safe distance, i.e. the 2m social distancing rule. 
For those with access to keys, please do not unlock the clubhouse as we need to be extra vigilant with regards to security at this time. You may also have heard about the recent spate of break-ins, the latest of which resulted in all four of our safety boats having the engines stolen or damaged. The police have been notified and have all the details. We are looking to improve security and there will be occasional visits to make sure that all is well. 
These are tough times for us all and will also present challenges for the club. However, as much as we might like to we can’t say that sailing is essential but it will be all the sweeter when we do get back on the water again. Meanwhile, we are looking at other ways to keep up your sailing skills such as hosting an online virtual sailing regatta. Hopefully more on that later.
We will keep you informed of any changes, but do not expect these to be soon. If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact me or one of the other committee members. I can also recommend the Littleton Sailing WhatsApp group as a way to stay in touch with sailing friends. Text me you phone number if you need to be added.
Thank you
Alan Povey
Rear Commodore (Sailing)

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